Monetize webOS Applications

Palm’s webOS introduced an ever-growing App Catalog built into every webOS enabled device. Palm boasts easy creation of apps for developers (“If you've built a website, you can build a webOS app”) and broad distribution using a unique app URL. While you may not reach the mass markets of alternate platforms, Palm has invested in its’ developers and innovation in mobile.

Make Money from webOS Apps

Millennial Media's experience with Palm's OS has evolved with the platform. The application craze truly began with Palm’s original OS and has continued to make progress with the release of the webOS. Facing restrictions from other large platforms who favor applications, webOS provides an alternative option to developers with who wish to reach Smartphones and monetize the app-driven market. Application development on webOS is catered to efficiency and can easily be built by the novice using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while opening doors to web applications in new types of environments created by Palm.